A bit about me: I adore my family and dogs.  I've been doing photography as a hobby since high school and raising and training dogs since I was a child. I have five Border Collies. They keep me busy.  I do agility, trick dog training, disc, and commercials with some of them. My experience with my dogs has led me to be great with other peoples dogs and understanding their behavior and helping with their training for photography.  I have taken extensive classes specifically for pet photography, which makes me very knowledgeable on how to get that perfect picture of your furry little loved one. Pet Photography is very different than photographing any other subject. Knowing how to deal with skittish animals, knowing how to read their behavior on when they may be stressed, knowing how to deal with overly excited animals and knowing how to get that perfect expression are all reasons why people book a portrait session with me. I'd love to capture your vision of your pet for you!